Foldable Solar-powered Heated Camping Shower


Make camping an even better experience: with a hot or warm shower! The 20L Solar-powered Heated Camping Shower is a solar-powered camping shower that lets you take warm or hot showers outdoors. Compact, reusable, and convenient, this is a must-have for every camper.


No longer will you have to freeze under a cold shower when you go camping. The 20L Solar-powered Heated Camping Shower uses the rays of the sun to heat the water inside, allowing you to enjoy a great, relaxing hot shower at the end or start of the day! Great for camping during colder seasons. 


Simply hang it up someplace that gets a good amount of sunshine, like a tree branch at the edge of a clearing. Make sure the brown side faces the sun so it can absorb its rays directly. In 1-3 hours, depending on the weather, the water inside will have warmed up to a comfortable temperature. 


Crafted out of superior PP and able to hold up to 5 gallons/20L of water, it's a must-have for all outdoors trips! When not in use, it's easy to roll up and stow away in your pack. Completely reusable and lightweight.

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