Carnival Women's Diamond Automatic Mechanical Rose Gold Stainless Steel Sapphire Waterproof Lady's Elegant Blue Watch


CARNIVAL originated in the United States in the 20th century. It has manufacturing and assembly plants in Asia and the United States.

CARNIVAL focuses on the production of high-end watches, using top-grade materials, focusing on stable performance and cost-effective.

Model: 8685L

Case diameter: 33MM

Watchband length: 8 inches (adjustable / delete strap link)

Weight: 105 grams (without the removal of the strap link)

Movement: Seagull automatic movement, support automatic winding and manual winding, (please manually wind when the first time to wear it)

We provide complete after-sales service and technical support in the US, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Automatic watch knowledge introduction

A watch mechanically powered by the wearer's arm rather than by human turning the winding stem. In response to this motion,
a rotor turns and winds the watch's mainspring so that it twips accurate time. Each movement of your arm winds the spring the tanyest bit,
but since you move your arm so much it keeps the watch wound easily. The spring in the watch stores enough energy to keep the watch going for 36 hours,
If an watch is not worn for a day or two, it will need to be wound by hand to restart again.

  • Women's mechanical watch:Self-winding automatic movement . Powered by everyday movement of your arm.
  • Luminous watch:luminous hands/markers(need to absorb light energy storage)
  • Synthetic sapphire glass and solid stainless steel strap and case
  • Waterproof watch:its waterproof 30 meters, can withstand rain water splash, rather than hot water shower and sauna
  • Packing: original box with warranty card and tag, very suitable as a gift

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