GUANQIN 2019 business watch men Automatic Luminous clock Tourbillon waterproof Mechanical watch

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GUANQIN 2019 business watch men Automatic Luminous clock men Tourbillon waterproof Mechanical watch top brand relogio masculino

Instructions for use

1.All small dial of watches can work normally.

2.The first time to wear, you need to wind up the watch 30 laps of Clockwise rotation, In order to ensure the normal operation of the watch.

3.When the wear time is less than 8 hours or the arm swing less, the energy of watch is not enough to keep running.

4.About the Luminous,first wear it ,you can use your Phone or Flashlight shine the dial about 1 minute ,then you will see the Luminous.

Package contents:

1.Original product;

2.Warranty card;

3.User's manual;

4.Original Box;

5.Mirror cloth

Each of our product have done the water resistant test , and the scratch resistant sampling of the glass be doing in production regular.

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Watch maintenance knowledge


accidental knocks should be avoided.


avoid direct contact with solvents, detergents, perfumes, cosmetic products etc., since they may damage the bracelet, the case or the gaskets.


for metal bracelets and for all cases, use a toothbrush with soapy tap water and a soft cloth for drying.


GUAN QIN recommends that you follow the steps below in order to preserve the condition of your leather strap as long as possible:

(1)Avoid contact with water and dampness to prevent discoloration and deformation.

(2) Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight to prevent the colour from fading.

(3)Do not forget that leather is permeable! Therefore avoid contact with greasy substances and cosmetic products. It is not advisable to clean your strap with leather cleaners.


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