Laser LED Headphones

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1. glare headset, two modes:
a- light jog mode: light will flicker along with music;
b- long bright mode: long bright light headset light.

2. The charging headphone, The earphone line must be under electric circumstances have light

3. with microphone, listening to music in the process, if a call comes in, you can toggle the switch to the A bit, to answer the call, dial again A can hang up the phone

4. In the process of listening to music, toggle to look at A, you can pause the music, then toggle to look at A, restore music

5. full brightness, the maximum current of up to 120mAH

6. Heavy whispered fidelity headphone ear noise design

7. Built-in 120MAH lithium polymer battery, it can charge and discharge 300-500 times more than 20 hours of continuous work

8. The first time you use please charging the headset one hour. Avoid dead fold the headphone cable will affect the function of emitting light

Color: blue, green, pink.



100% Brand New with High Quality.
Attractive Eye in The Dark
Cool & Fashionable Glowing Earphone






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