Ultimate Thermal Insulation Lunch Box

$27.99 $45.42
This high-quality stainless steel lunchbox brings together a slick modern design with multiple food-storage possibilities.  The multi-layer design allows you to conveniently store your food both hot and cold separately in the same lunchbox.  
The select lunch box will keep your food at the temperature YOU love!  

Premium Benefits:
  • Leak Proof Guarantee - Each layer is designed with a seal tight protective system that will store your foods and liquids without spilling.

  • Powerful Thermal Design- The attractive stylish modern design also comes packed with multiple solid layers of insulation to keep your food hot or cold!

  • Eco-friendly Friendly High-Quality Material - BPA -FREE, Non- Toxic and food-grade material.  Shop with peace of mind with this highly safe and effective stainless steel material. 

  • Excellent Taste - Immediately feel the difference in your food.  This high-quality thermal lunchbox is specifically made to protect the original taste of your food.

  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee-  Experience for yourself why thousands of our customers fall in love with our select food storage lunch boxes. 

    Please note the Premium Multi-Layered Lunchbox is made with high-quality steel material, and it is not suitable for microwave use.

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